Kent Police Male Voice Choir


Bill Chiswell

This page was updated in March 2015

Bill was a founder member of the choir and always sang in the bass section.

Every male choir has its characters and nobody would argue with that description of Bill Chiswell. His repartee and joke-telling together with his wry comments at practices, have been his hallmark.

Bill has always been a keen sportsman during and since his retirement after twenty eight years police service. He played football and cricket for police teams until a health problem forced him to slow down a little. He continues to play bowls for Kent Police and Maidstone Police teams. He also plays golf, usually with members of the choir's bass section.

After leaving school he worked for Bowaters as a paper making apprentice before joining Kent Police. In 1994 after his retirement, Bill and his wife Dot moved to Somerset where he was chased by other choirs to join them. However, they could not settle in Somerset so they moved back to Maidstone and much to our benefit, Bill rejoined us.

Bill is the proud grandfather of three, including twins.

Bill mixes easily with people and has always been an excellent P.R. man for the Choir. Sadly in early 2015, Bill decided that he must give up singing with the choir, but he remains a life member.